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"OUR PASSION FOR GIRLS TO THRIVE IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND OUR FOUNDATION AND OUR PROGRAMS.  we want girls to see and know their worth and navigate this one life, courageously. " FOUNDER, TRICIA JACOBSOn


At the Beauty in Everything Foundation, we are committed to the development of girls and young women by giving them access to resources and the tools girls need to THRIVE.

In a nutshell, we are obsessed with showing girls they are amazing, they are warriors, and help them dream big dreams. Then we give them the tools to achieve those dreams.  We are a group of passionate, driven, hard-working, kind and courageous women who won't stop until we inspire and empower a group of girls (a large group of girls, an insanely large group of girls) to be passionate, driven, hard-working, kind and courageous.  That is our goal. Our goal is to inspire and empower girls to think they breathe fire.


the beauty in everything box

One of our favorite things is...


We now offer the Beauty in Everything Box.  A box girls can have sent to their home or picked up at certain locations, at no cost filled with basic hygiene and feminine essentials, hygiene tips, and inspirational messages.  Girls can request a monthly box HERE.

We will soon offer a survey that will allow you to personalize your box. Check back soon for the survey link.


Our goal with the Beauty in Everything Box is to eliminate this obstacle for as many girls as we can.

Tricia is a social entrepreneur, writer, blogger, finance veteran and fierce child advocate.  Tricia is founder of the children's clothing brand, Crossing Arrows and Beauty in Everything Foundation.  Tricia has been involved throughout her community through charitable organizations with most of her volunteer work focused on child advocacy.  

Throughout the growth of Crossing Arrows, Tricia realized she wanted to inspire and empower girls on a larger platform and so the Beauty in Everything Foundation was created.  She hopes to use her leadership background and passion to empower girls to be courageous, kind and thrive in this journey we call life.

founder/executive director

tricia jacobson

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a fun event, inspiring & empowering  girls to thrive

the Beauty in Everything Tour

rescheduled to fall 2023


Our Mission

We are committed to fostering the development of girls & young women by giving them access to resources & the tools girls need to thrive.

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Our biggest need, at the moment, is for donors to purchase a Beauty in Everything Box to donate to a girl in need.  You can purchase a box for a girl you know who would benefit, or you can purchase a box for us to donate to a girl who has requested a box on our website.  We will include a special note from you (should you choose to include one) or we can simply sign the inspirational card with your first and/or last name to let the girls know who donated their box.  

Your generous gift, of time or monetarily, makes it possible to fulfill our mission of inspiring and empowering girls throughout our communities.  With the donations by you and others, we will be able to provide the resources and tools girls need to overcome the unique social pressures that could inhibit their potential so they can THRIVE.

We will send you updates and the details about the impact your donation is making on the lives of girls in your community. 

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we believe in providing the resources and tools girls need to thrive.  check out our programs page to get a full list of the resources and tools we offer to help girls overcome the unique social pressures that could inhibit their potential.



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